Report 19830808A


August 08, 1983


Ronald Reagan (First Term)



Was 4(a)(1) Triggered? (Hostilities/Imminent Hostilities)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(2) Triggered? (Combat- Equipped Introduction)

Yes, stated or used terms in statute

Was 4(a)(3) Triggered? (Substantial Enlargement)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Joint/Coalition Mission


Details: "Government of Chad and other friendly governments assisting it" including France

Article 51 Report to UN

Not applicable because no self-defense claim



Details: Assist Chad in "self defense against armed aggression by Libyan forces and Libyan-supported insurgents in Chad"

Domestic Legal Authority

Constitution (Art. II)

Details: "This deployment of the United States Armed Forces is being undertaken pursuant to my constitutional authority with respect to the conduct of foreign relations and as Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces."

Claimed International Legal Basis

Consent of territorial state

Details: "Chad has requested the Governments of France and the United States to assist in its self defense against armed aggression"

Estimated Scope/Duration

Mission-bound but indeterminate

Details: "It is not possible at this time to predict the precise duration of this deployment of United States Armed Forces in the region. They will remain for only a limited period to meet the urgent requirements posed by the present situation."

Type of Enemy or Mission


Details: Libyan forces and Libyan-supported insurgents

Military Activity

Air operations

Details: Deployment of "two Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) E3A and eight F-15 (Eagle) all-weather fighter aircraft with air and ground logistical support forces" ... "for the purpose of collecting and providing essential information, including surveillance data and early warning"

US Casualties Reported


Non-US Casualties Reported