Report 19901116A


November 16, 1990


George H.W. Bush


Persian Gulf

Was 4(a)(1) Triggered? (Hostilities/Imminent Hostilities)

No, as stated in report

Was 4(a)(2) Triggered? (Combat- Equipped Introduction)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(3) Triggered? (Substantial Enlargement)

Yes, described in/inferred from report

Joint/Coalition Mission


Details: "Allied and other friendly governments"

Article 51 Report to UN



Respond to threat

Details: "[E]nsure that the coalition has an adequate offensive military option should that be necessary" in response to "Iraq's invasion of Kuwait."

Domestic Legal Authority

None provided

Details: None stated

Claimed International Legal Basis


Details: "Our Forces are in the Gulf region in the exercise of our inherent right of individual and collective self-defense against Iraq's aggression and consistent with U.N. Security Council resolutions related to Iraq's onging occupation of Kuwait."

Estimated Scope/Duration

Mission-bound but indeterminate

Details: "[O]ur Armed Forces would remain in the Persian Gulf region so long as required to contribute to the security of the region and desired by host governments."

Type of Enemy or Mission


Details: Iraq

Military Activity

Air operations Use of naval forces/vessels Use of ground forces

Details: Deployment of "a heavy U.S. Army Corps and a Marine expeditionary force with an additional brigade. In addition, three aircraft carriers, a battleship, appropriate escort ships, a naval amphibious landing group, and a squadron of maritime prepositioning ships will join other naval units in the area."

US Casualties Reported


Non-US Casualties Reported