Report 19921210A


December 10, 1992


George H.W. Bush



Was 4(a)(1) Triggered? (Hostilities/Imminent Hostilities)

No, as stated in report

Was 4(a)(2) Triggered? (Combat- Equipped Introduction)

Yes, described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(3) Triggered? (Substantial Enlargement)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Joint/Coalition Mission


Details: "multilateral response"; "Over 15 nations have already offered to deploy troops"

Article 51 Report to UN

Not applicable because no self-defense claim



Details: "[T]o address a major humanitarian calamity, avert related threats to international peace and security, and protect the safety of Americans and others engaged in relief operations"

Domestic Legal Authority

Constitution (Art. II)

Details: "I have taken these actions pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct our foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive, and in accordance with applicable treaties and laws. In doing so, I have taken into account the views expressed in H. Con. Res. 370, S. Con. Res. 132, and the Horn of Africa Recovery and Food Security Act, Public Law 102 - 274, on the urgent need for action in Somalia."

Claimed International Legal Basis

UN Security Council authorization

Details: UNSCR 794 "which determined that the situation in Somalia constituted a threat to international peace and security, and, invoking Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, authorized Member States to use all necessary means to establish a secure environment for humanitarian relief operations in Somalia"

Estimated Scope/Duration

Mission-bound but indeterminate

Details: "U.S. Armed Forces will remain in Somalia only as long as necessary to establish a secure environment for humanitarian relief operations and will then turn over the responsibility of maintaining this environment to a U.N. peacekeeping force assigned to Somalia...we believe that prolonged operations will not be necessary."

Type of Enemy or Mission


Details: Humanitarian relief

Military Activity

Use of ground forces

Details: "U.S. Armed Forces entered Somalia to secure the airfield and port facility of Mogadishu. Other elements of the U.S. Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of other Members of the United Nations are being introduced into Somalia..."

US Casualties Reported


Non-US Casualties Reported