Report 20140817A


August 17, 2014


Barack Obama (Second Term)



Was 4(a)(1) Triggered? (Hostilities/Imminent Hostilities)

Yes, described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(2) Triggered? (Combat- Equipped Introduction)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(3) Triggered? (Substantial Enlargement)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Joint/Coalition Mission


Details: "to support the Iraqi forces in their efforts "

Article 51 Report to UN

Not applicable because no self-defense claim



Details: "to support operations by Iraqi forces to recapture the Mosul Dam"; "The failure of the Mosul Dam could threaten the lives of large numbers of civilians, endanger U.S. personnel and facilities, including the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and prevent the Iraqi government from providing critical services to the Iraqi populace."

Domestic Legal Authority

Constitution (Art. II)

Details: "I have directed these actions, which are in the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States, pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct U.S. foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive."

Claimed International Legal Basis

Consent of territorial state

Details: "These actions are being undertaken in coordination with the Iraqi government."

Estimated Scope/Duration

Mission-bound but indeterminate

Details: "limited in their scope and duration as necessary to support the Iraqi forces in their efforts to retake and establish control of this critical infrastructure site, as part of their ongoing campaign against the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)."

Type of Enemy or Mission

Non-state actor

Details: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

Military Activity

Air operations

Details: "targeted air strikes to support operations by Iraqi forces"

US Casualties Reported


Non-US Casualties Reported