Report 19941122A


November 22, 1994


Bill Clinton (First Term)


Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia

Was 4(a)(1) Triggered? (Hostilities/Imminent Hostilities)

Yes, described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(2) Triggered? (Combat- Equipped Introduction)

Yes, described in/inferred from report

Was 4(a)(3) Triggered? (Substantial Enlargement)

No, as described in/inferred from report

Joint/Coalition Mission


Details: "The NATO strikes launched on November 21, 1994, included 39 aircraft from the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, NATO, and the United States."

Article 51 Report to UN

Not applicable because no self-defense claim



Details: "to carry out the U.N. and NATO decisions of November 19 and to answer UNPROFOR’s request for assistance."

Domestic Legal Authority

Constitution (Art. II)

Details: "I have directed the participation by U.S. Armed Forces in this effort pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct the foreign relations of the United States and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive."

Claimed International Legal Basis

UN Security Council authorization

Details: UNSCRs 713, 824, 836, 958 ("In response to the Serb attacks, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted UNSCR 958 on November 19, 1994, expressly deciding that the authorizations in previous resolutions also applied in the Republic of Croatia.")

Estimated Scope/Duration

Scope/duration specified

Details: Completed after strikes executed

Type of Enemy or Mission


Details: Former Yugoslavia

Military Activity

Air operations

Details: "the use of U.S. combat aircraft on November 21, 1994, to attack airfields and related facilities in Serb held Croatian territory used by Serb forces to launch air strikes against the town of Bihac in Bosnia-Herzegovina"

US Casualties Reported


Details: "No aircraft were lost or damaged in conducting the attacks"

Non-US Casualties Reported